Too Tight
Song information
Musician Leroy Watkins Jr.
Genre Funktronica
Hip Hop
Too Tight
File information
Level number 11
Step artist Synthlight
Release date November 9th, 2002
Song length 2:50
Difficulty 5
Notecount 364
NPS 1 to 5
BPM 92[1]
Category Legacy

Too Tight is a song created by Leroy Watkins Jr., located in the Legacy genre. It is a 5 in difficulty on the 1-99 scale and a 3 (Novice) in difficulty on the 1-20 scale.

The song chart was submitted by FFR founder Synthlight and released to the public for playing on November 9th, 2002. It provides basic steps true for any beginner with a side of Blue Note Syndrome due to the earliness of its release.

Tips and Tricks to TacklingEdit

This chart is actually quite easy to play despite having to deal with all the notes being blue. With all Legacy genre files, some of the notes will be slightly off from where they are truly supposed to be, so it is recommended that sound volume be turned off while playing this song.

Song ScreenshotsEdit