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The Ghost Of 3.13
The Ghost of 3.13.jpg
Birth name Costea Mihai
AKA You're Terribly Late
Born 1985
Formed 2004
From Calarasi, Romania
Label Sociopath Recordings
Genres Breakcore
Drill and Bass
Websites Soundcloud300.png  SoundCloud
Facebook300.png  Facebook

Songs In-Game[]

  • While Sleeping (The Big Sleep)
  • The Last Step
  • Forgotten
  • Me, You, And Everything Became Untrue
  • Wooden Sword
  • It Feels Like Home
  • Path to Nowhere


Screenshot of TGO3.13 permission.

Limited artist permission was obtained by EzExZeRo7497 on October 2014.

The reply is as follows : You can use any of my songs that are released under Creative Commons.That means almost everything, except songs from my album "Inwards" which was released on Mozyk label in 2012. Cheers!