Genres Trance
Drum and Bass
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Blanket artist permission was obtained by customstuff in July 2008.[1]

The reply is as follows :

Well, the two that I do want you to use are "Tears Drop [2008 Remake]" and "Jessica [Club Mix]". But if you want, you can also use "My Angel [F.P.C Remix]" also "Ambient Dreams [Hard Trance Remake]" and maybe "Beautiful Sunset" but I don't know about that cause I added some to the end of the song that I shouldn't of but if you want to I don't mind.

Hello, just contacting you to let you know that I do have a new song up that I reckon would go good with FFR better than my other ones so I think you should check it out, it's called "Music Is My Extasy [Remix]". I bet you'll enjoy and should find it would fit better for FFR.


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