Song information


This template is used on song pages.

Sample output

| name            = {{PAGENAME}}
| image           = 
| imagewidth      = 
| originaltitle   = 
| aka             = 
| album           = 
| composer        = 
| musician        = 
| arranger        = 
| performer       = 
| remixer         = 
| featuring       = 
| songcomposed    = 
| songrelease     = 
| genre           = 
| name            = {{PAGENAME}}
| image           = 
| imagewidth      = 
| levelnumber     = 
| stepartist      = 
| filerelease     = 
| songlength      = 
| difficulty      = 
| notecount       = 
| nps             = 
| bpm             = 
| category        = 



defaultsort Where the page will be classified in categories. Keep numbers and letters, everything in lowercase. For example, if the PAGENAME is "==Planet KARMA==", the sample output will be "planetkarma". More examples to come.
name Usually leave {{PAGENAME}}. This will synchronize the name of the cell with the name of the page. You can remove {{PAGENAME}} if the name differs.
image You should write File:NAME_OF_PIC.EXTENSION. Ex : File:bursts.gif
If there's no existing picture, leave the cell blank.
imagewidth 250 by default. If the width is smaller than 250 pixels, leave the cell blank.
originaltitle Original title of the song in its original language. Do not enter anything if the name is the same than the page name.
aka Alternate titles. Separate with <br/>.
album List the first album, compilation, EP the song was featured on.
composer Mainly for classical and film soundtrack composers. No link needed.
musician Name of the musician(s) with brackets (links).
arranger Mainly for video game arranger. No link needed.
performer Mainly for classical and soundtrack performers. No link needed.
remixer Name of the remixer(s) with brackets (links).
featuring Artist(s) featured in the song. No link needed.

¡- ¡ songcomposed ¡ The date when the song was composed. Ex : June 9, 2001

songrelease The date when the song was first released. Ex : January 13, 2010
genre "Style" on FFR Song List.
You can write multiple genre here, separate each entry with <br/>. The first genre is displayed on FFR and should be bolded.
levelnumber Self-explanatory. Update : do not create a link, just enter the level id.
stepartist Name of the stepartist(s) with brackets (links).
filerelease The date when the file was released on FFR.
Ex : August 22nd, 2008.
songlength The total length of the chart. Not of the song.
difficulty Difficulty of the file.
note count Number of notes of the file.
nps Use the graph on each song page. Write MIN NPS to MAX NPS. Ex : 1 to 19.
bpm Beat per minute. Optional.
category "Genre" on FFR Song List.
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