The scoring system on FFR is a point value that is generated at the end of a song to determine how well a player has done on a song and rank your point value against other players who have also played the same song. There are two ways of calculating your score at the end of a song, with the 2 officially used sources being the combo-based scoring and raw scoring, however the actual ranking against other players is only used through the combo-based scoring system.


While the scoring system has remained the same, the credits given out for each particular score has not. It has always been based on 50,000 points per credit, always rounded down.  Originally, there was a cap and after getting 1,200,000 points to earn 24 credits, you had to get all the way up to 1,500,000 to earn a 25th. Back then, you couldn't earn more than 25.  Then it was changed so that you could earn up to 40, and the extra points needed for the 25th credit was removed. Now you can earn up to a maximum of 120 but still only one for every 50,000 points.

Scoring CalculationsEdit

Scoring System Perfect Good Average Miss Boo Combo
Combo 550 275 55 -310 -20 1000x1
Raw 50 25 5 -10 -5 ----------

Combo-Based ScoringEdit


Combo-based scoring is used to determine ranks on songs.

The combo-based scoring system yields extra points for every arrow in your max combo, and have much more magnified point values compared to raw scoring. This was the original idea of scoring for FlashFlashRevolution as it has a huge impact in the score from combo. It is worth nearly twice the value of a perfect to get the combo when hitting the arrow as an average, which has the lowest point value that retains a combo. This encouraged mashing among the player base, making the raw scoring system a fan favorite.

Raw ScoringEdit


Raw scoring, usually located below your boo scoring, and in multiplayer.

The raw scoring system is a favorite for fans due to it ignoring combos in general, and displays a true concept of skill from players that may have missed a note in a song. It is widely used in tournaments, including official tournaments, and provides accurate results in comparison to combo-based scoring on a more miniscule scale. Raw scoring has been applied in many areas of FlashFlashRevolution, with the biggest being for scoring in multiplayer, due to scores being only calculated by raw scoring, rather than combo-based scoring.