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Birth name Jared[1]
From Omaha, NE, United States
Joined November 2005
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rushyrulz is a D7 FFR player, event organiser, musician, and simfile author. He is partly responsible for engaging the community by coordinating and hosting officially sanctioned events and contests.

He was a staff member of the FFR Trading Card Game, and also hosted the Spontaneous Contest -45001 - Spring Cleaning event.

In-game songs[]

In-game files[]


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Date Tournament Division Result
January–March 2013 8th Official FFR Tournament D5 5th place
30,000 credits
1 token
October–December 2013 9th Official FFR Tournament D6 11th place
1 token
September 2014 Red Blaster's Timebomb Tournament D6 DNF
September–October 2014 Psychoangel691's One Division Higher Tourney D6 8th place
October–November 2014 10th Official FFR Tournament D6 7th place
150,000 credits
2 tokens
Monstercat album
March–April 2015 TSR's Doubles Tournament D6 12th place
40,000 credits
March–April 2015 The Almost Vanilla Tournament D6 1st place
110,000 credits
June–August 2016 11th Official FFR Tournament D6 4th place
150,000 credits
2 tokens
August–October 2019 12th Official FFR Tournament D7 32nd place
1 token
June–August 2020 13th Official FFR Tournament D7 30th place
1 token
October–December 2020 13.5th Official FFR Tournament D7 19th place
1 token

Tournament Donations[]


FFR Forum Awards[]

  • 2nd place for FFR Gamewhore in 2011