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The main page of the R3 Engine.

The R^3 Engine, also called R3 or rCubed, is the newest and currently the only active engine for Flash Flash Revolution, designed and created by Velocity. The engine can be downloaded from the FFR webpage. It became open-source on July 12th, 2015,[1] and is maintained with a GitHub repository here.

The original idea of R^3 came from Velocity when he wanted to make an engine that did not read off of Framers, but instead, read from the actual timing within the song. When it was found that it would be near impossible due to re-making every song that was already submitted to Flash Flash Revolution, he decided on making the beta engine appropriately named R^2, which led to the developed release of R^3 through a user interface change.

As of January 15, 2022, the newest version is 1.4.2.

Song Select Interface[]


Options are available from the song select screen.


  • Scroll speed: Changes the speed of how fast the arrows are moving in the screen. This does not change the tempo of the song (use Song Rate instead to change the tempo). The default scroll speed is 1.
  • Receptor spacing
  • Note scale
  • Game volume
  • Menu music volume
  • Global offset: Changes when the music starts in a chart. With a negative offset, the song starts earlier. With a positive offset, the song starts later. The default global offset is 0.
  • Judge offset: Changes where the timing window is in the game. This does not widen or shrink the timing window, however. With a negative offset, the timing window would be above from the receptors (on upscroll). With a positive offset, the timing window would be below the receptors (on upscroll). The default judge offset is 0.
    • If Auto option is checked, the judge offset is automatically calibrated every time you hit at least 50 notes and exit a song.
  • Autofail: Makes you automatically fail a song once you reach a particular number of a particular judgement. For example, if Miss is set to 1, then you automatically fail a song as soon as missing a note.
  • Scroll direction: The direction the arrows would move in a file. The default scroll direction is up.
  • Mirror
  • Song rate: Changes the tempo of the song itself. The default song rate is 1, and scores are not counted for any other song rate than 1.
  • Isolation



Game Modifiers[]

Game UI Visuals[]

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Gameplay, Multiplayer, Spectator editor[]