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Birth name Max Proske[1]
Born Brunssum, Netherlands
From British Columbia, Canada
Joined December 2007[2]
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PrawnSkunk is a Site Administrator, Developer, and former Event Staff. He is responsible for monthly site updates which announce new and improved site and game features, as well as coordinating official events and contests.[3]


In June 2013, PrawnSkunk hosted FFR Idol: Token Extravaganza.

On April 18 2014, PrawnSkunk announced the 10th Official Tournament Fundraiser in effort to raise donations towards providing prizes for this milestone in site history. Three new Support Token songs, and 100 solid brass FFR tokens[4] were provided as incentives to donate. The fundraiser was immensely successful, amassing $2,158 USD in donations from 107 supporters.[5]

In July 2014, PrawnSkunk co-hosted the 2nd Official FFR StepCon with Xiz.

On February 16 2015, PrawnSkunk released a skill-based ranking metric called Skill Rating, and the Global Leaderboards.[6] The second iteration of the Skill Rating formula was released on October 1 2015, alongside a Levels system.

In-Game Files[]


Date Tournament Division Result
2011 Fire & Lightning Tournament 2 D1 1st
2012 Fire & Lightning Tournament 3 D2 1st
2012 Halogen's Christmas Tournament D2 1st
July–September 2012 7th Official FFR Tournament D2 15th
2013 Midnight's Tournament D3 2nd
January–March 2013 8th Official FFR Tournament D3 30th
2013 OWA's Pre-Tournament Tournament D4 2nd
October–December 2013 9th Official FFR Tournament D4 18th
2014 xAlphaWolf's New Year Tournament D4 1st
2014 Non-Divisional New Years 2014 Tournament 2nd
September–October 2014 Psychoangel691's One Division Higher Tourney D5 3rd
October–November 2014 10th Official FFR Tournament D5 12th
2014 Zenith's Arrows To Music Tournament D5 1st
November–December 2014 Zenith's Helping Hand Tournament D5 1st
December 2014–January 2015 DC's 1st Post-Official Team Tournament Extravaganza D6 10th
March–April 2015 TSR's Doubles Tournament D5.5 4th
June 2015 Squid and Puppy's Summer Vanilla Tourney D6 6th
June–August 2016 11th Official FFR Tournament D6 37th
August–October 2019 12th Official FFR Tournament D6 44th
June–August 2020 13th Official FFR Tournament D6 47th


FFR Forum Awards[]

Year Category Result
2011 Best Avatar 3rd
2014 Next Admin 1st
Best Avatar 2nd
Best Current Moderator 3rd
2015 Most Helpful Poster 1st
Best Current Administrator 1st
Best Light File for PISSCORD 1st
Hall of Fame 1st
Friendliest Poster 2nd
Best Overall Poster 2nd
Smartest Poster 3rd