Birth name Philip
From San Jose, CA, United States
Joined May 2012
Website(s) FFR300  FFR Profile

PhantomPuppy is an FFR player and co-host of Squid and Puppy's Summer Vanilla Tourney.


Date Tournament Division Result
September-October 2014 Psychoangel691's One Division Higher Tourney D2 2nd place
October-November 2014 10th Official FFR Tournament D3 13th place
November-December 2014 gstarfire's All Skill Tournament D3 1st place
November-December 2014 Zenith's Helping Hand Tournament D3 1st place
December 2014-January 2015 DC's 1st Post-Official Team Tournament Extravaganza D4 5th place
March-April 2015 TSR's Doubles Tournament D5 DNF
March-April 2015 Bracket Tourney D5 17th place

Tournament DonationsEdit


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