Mashing is a method players use in an attempt to hit patterns that are too fast for them to hit normally. There are several types of mashing in FFR : intelligent mashing and quadmashing.

Intelligent MashingEdit

Many files in FFR have patterns that can be hit as jumps, and stepartists tend to step hard files this way on purpose. Intelligent mashing is when a player hits a jump on either hand to hit a pattern that would screw them up in a transition or is simply too fast to do normally. An example of this is Rave 7.

On the example on the right, it would be very inefficient for the player to actually try hitting the jumps individually and doing a fast roll type pattern that is almost impossible and may result in a messy score. This specific section can be instead hit as a jump on each hand, left-down and up-right jumps.

Since FFR's Scoring is mainly based off of combo, players may have to mash certain parts of a song, but intelligent mashing denotes that the player can read the patterns but can't physically hit them properly enough to do them normally.

Quad MashingEdit

Contrary to intelligent mashing, quad mashing is when the player either can't read a pattern and instead hits a series of jumps, hands, or quads repeatedly in an attempt to keep their combo, or when the notes are simply just too fast. For example, Vertex BETA vrofl has plenty of sections that can't be hit normally, so that's a case where vibrating jacks would be better than falling behind the entire time.

Quad mashing results in worse accuracy and more boos, but is used mainly to keep combo. Intelligent mashing tries to minimize the messiness of the score while still keeping combo.