Mars Needs Cheerleaders
Formed 2006
From Saint Louis, MO, United States
Members Austin
Genres Deathcore
Websites Myspace300.png  Myspace
References Spiritofmetal300.png  Spirit of Metal
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Discography[edit | edit source]

  • Mars Needs Cheerleaders (2007)

Started some time in 2006 with orginal drummer john, and before the crushing speed of isaac on lead guitar Mars began with zach as lead guitar and chris as rythm, soon the drummer was replaced with myself, Aaron... shortly after replacing chris with mikey who was a step up from the current postion. After jessica leaving around this time due to personal choices, ( no hate or dispute we always had love for her ) we found isaac who carried out mars to its end.  He found god at a church camp with his at the time GF... coming back saying our music was bad and it wasn't for him, yet he still plays metal guitar to this day.   With the rest of the band left in peices we slowly diluted to nothing, both zach and austins heart broken, myself and josh confused and no life left in mars we shut the doors one by one.  

Talk has allured us from time to time what if we got together again what if what if.... 

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