Song information
Composer Johann Sebastian Bach
Musician LeaF
Released September 23rd, 2012[1][2][3]
Genre Progressive Baroque
Modern Classical
File information
Level number 1976
Step artist bmah
Release date May 11th, 2013
Song length 2:03
Difficulty 74
Notecount 1630
NPS 1 to 22
BPM 170
Category Classical

MEPHISTO is a progressive baroque style song created by LeaF for The BMS of Fighters 2012. The song originates from The Well-Tempered Clavier Book 2 by Johann Sebastian Bach. Located in the Classical Genre, it is a 74 in difficulty on the 1-99 scale and a 16 (For Guru Only) in difficulty on the 1-20 scale.

The song and chart was submitted to FFR by bmah and was released to public for playing on May 11th, 2013[4], and provides a plethora of challenging patterns, with the hardest being the 32nd roll sections.

Tips & Tricks to TacklingEdit

If you do not understand this section, try visiting our FFR Terminology page on understanding different patterns in the game.

Much of the file is based on Jumpstream for the file, so practicing within that section will do good when attempting this file. There is a mixture of 4th Jumpstream and 8th Jumpstream, so practice both.

There are also a couple of 32nd rolls located throughout the song that will require Intelligent Mashing, so look them over in the replay for the song and adjust where you want your fingers to be during the section.

There are 2 parts of the song where there will be a 3-piece Jumpjack followed by a 4-piece Jumpjack that will require both hands to hit, so be prepared to hit those when coming out of the first jumpstream section.

Most hard-to-hit sections are introduced within the first half of the file. However, many sections linger into the second half of the song, repeating skills that are required for the first half of the song. Make sure to check the BOT replay if you are having trouble hitting sections in the 2nd half of the song, and refer to tips & tricks in the 1st half of the song.

Song ScreenshotsEdit