MC Chris
Birth name Christopher Brendan Ward
Born September 2nd, 1975
Libertyville, IL, United States
Member of The Snobots
Label mc chris llc
Genres Nerdcore
Hip Hop
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In-game songsEdit


  • Life's a Bitch and I'm Her Pimp (2001)
  • Knowing Is Half the Hassle (2002)
  • Eating's Not Cheating (2004)
  • Dungeon Master of Ceremonies (2006)
  • MC Chris Is Dead (2008)
  • Part Six Part One (2009)
  • Part Six Part Two (2009)
  • Part Six Part Three (2009)
  • MC Chris Goes To Hell (2010)
  • Marshmellow Playground (2011)
  • Race Wars (2011)
  • Friends (2012)
  • MC Chris Foreverrr (2014)
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