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Regular Tokens[]

FFR Event Token for the song FREEDOM DiVE

FFR Support Token

Regular tokens are FFR levels that you find scattered throughout the FFR site. These levels are not part of your levelranks. There are also tournament, event, achievement, and support tokens to go along with this category. Tournament tokens can only be unlocked as prizes from doing really well in Official Tournaments. The token Unconnected. is given out to players who are D7 in official tournaments. Achievement tokens are tokens that require the player to reach some kind of milestone achievement (for example getting their average rank under 1000). Support tokens used to be unlocked via PayPal album purchase, but they now act as really hard to unlock Achievement tokens. In the odd time, Support tokens will appear as prizes in contests that are really difficult to unlock. Event tokens are prizes that are difficult to unlock that are from either contests or tournaments (being the Multiplayer tournament or the Official tournament).

These are the descriptions and locations for normal FFR tokens.[1][2][3]

Token Description Link
#1: The Yellow Token — Hardcore of the North
Ffr token 001.png
Clue Don't look to the sky, look to the ground. [OP]
Solution Scroll to the bottom of this page and click the miniature icon in the center. [1]
#2: The Green Token — Xuxa
Ffr token 002.png
Clue What is it that is deaf, dumb and blind and always tells the truth?
The answer to this riddle will point you in the right direction.
All you have to do is type away.Here is the only hint you are going to get from me. www.flashflashrevolution.com/moc
Solution Go to this page (FFR.com spelled backwards). This should take you to a page that says, "Congratulations USERNAME for finding this one. Click Away!" where you can click on the green token. [2]
#3: The Blue Token — Takecore of Yourself
Ffr token 003.png
Clue One of the most frequently asked questions about tokens is: "Can we have Tokens that are related to Credits?" The answer is yes. [OP]
Solution Go to the credits page and scroll to the bottom to find a golden token. Click it. [3]
#4: The Face Token — Tsugaru 180 New Version
Ffr token 004.png
Clue Go back to the beginning. [OP]
Solution The new way to get this token is to go to the FAQ and find the question that says "Do you think you deserve new tokens?" then click on the old FFR FAQ, scroll down to the bottom and you should find it. [4]
#5: The Silver Token — {Satori}
Ffr token 005.png
Clue Wouldn't it be nice to be a fly on my wall? You would have no pain or torture to comment about.
Solution Go to cornandbeans' profile and post a comment using only the text "where's the token?" and submit. You will receive the token shortly afterward.
#6: The Copper Token — Psychosis
Ffr token 006.png
Clue I found the token. If I can find it, so can you. [OP]
Solution Go to Synthlight's profile. The token to click is in the lower-left corner of his profile page. [6]
#7: The Red Token — Sifon
Ffr token 007.png
Clue Token #7 was released on the evening of March 6, 2007.The easiest way to find this token would be to sift through the trash at FFR. [OP]
Solution Go to this page. This will lead you to a page that has some text that reads:
"As most of you know we recently used a business finance company to aquire our nur new Quad Opteron server (much faster than a Quad Xeon). This Linux based high end server has proven very capable over the past 2 months and I would not hesitate to purchase another Quad Opteron in the near feature if FFR continues to expand. The server has lowered our server load and made things like the video chat, multiplayer server and radio servers all possible on a single current Quad Opteron high end server. As a side effect, it lowered our operating costs. Quad Opteron with 12GB of ram. I don’t regret the purchase one bit. :)"

If you click on the O in the first "Opteron" it should link you to your profile, giving you the token. If it doesn't work, on the first try, clear your cookies, log out, and shut down your browser. After starting it back up, find the token again and it may work.

#8: The Purple Token — Anubis
Ffr token 008.png
Clue You guys will be so excited to know that I found the Eighth token for you. It took me awhile and I kept trying but I finally located it’s URL. It looked much like the last token at first but I soon found out that repetition is not such a bad thing. Enjoy!

This is where I found it <-- Click here.

Synthlight & Jason's Keys
Solution Click on the link in the 'Eighth FFR token Found!' post. This will bring you to a page with a little animated character that says ‘Get the F*** away from me’. All you have to do is refresh the page until the token appears. If you’re running Internet Explorer, go to View ? Refresh or hit F5. In Firefox it's View ? Reload or F5. [8]
#9: The Black Token — Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star v2
Ffr token 009.png
Clue If you have never been in to check your level rank, you really should. And if you have already seen level rank, you should take a look at it with a new eye and see the new features. [OP]
Solution Go to your level rank stats via this page while logged in. If you look through your songs, you will find a song called "Token#9?". Click on that song and it will give you the token. If you have trouble finding it, use Ctrl+F to open the find feature, and type in "Token" and your browser should take you there. [9]
#10: The Platinum Token — Silence v2
Ffr token 010.png
Clue I would like to thank token #10 for participating and being a part of the FFR community. If you are looking for token #10, I really can’t help you. You will have to look to other people tonight for your clues. [OP]
Solution Go to this page, you will see a little face. At the top right is a coin icon, click on it. [10]
#11: The Magenta Token — Attack of One Minute
Ffr token 011.png
Clue Want to tackle the very latest token? I will get you started by linking you to THIS PAGE HERE. You may have a hard time at first but look on the Brightside, in Contrast to some of the other tokens, this one is fairly easy. [OP][Forum]
Solution If you click on the link in the hint message it will take you to this page. On the Token_the_Game.php page, highlight the blue area below the text and you'll see a blue image. If you copy the image into an editor and then change the colors correctly you'll notice a URL written across the image; this will lead you to this page. At the bottom of that page is the token. [11]
#12: The Lime Token — Roller Coaster Ride
Ffr token 012.png
Clue Oh yeah.. Lets get you guys started with this for token news... Click Here Never a boring moment here at FFR. :) [OP]
Solution Click on the link Synthlight provided, the token is at the top. [12]
#13: The Pink Token — Naisyaodakunyan
Ffr token 013.png
Clue BWAHAHAHAHA!! (sounds familiar doesn’t it?) The 13th Token is out and it is evil. Those are the only clues you get tonight. [OP]
Solution Go to this page and click on the picture of Wario and it will simply give you the token. [13]
#14: The Acid Pink Token — CIA Rave v2
Ffr token 014.png
Clue Your hint: Today is April 14th, 2007. What were we doing all day long? and Where are we doing it? [OP]
Solution [14]
#15: The Acid Green Token — Fall
Ffr token 015.png
Clue Token 15 is a pretty straightforward token. A boost in performance should get you what you need. Just don’t get caught up in the technicalities. I am trying to find a way to get it working correctly but none of the problems ad up..

Well.. Anway, here take a look.

Click Here to go to the token 15 page.
Solution The link is here, however it leads you to a "GOTCHA" page where it tells you to use the hints instead of a "lame link". What you do is press the link Synthlight provided in his post, and scroll down. Click the "b" in the word "boost" in the second paragraph. (It's the first big thing instead of the duplicate message at the very bottom of the page). You will see the animation of the token, then right click on the token and hit "Play".
#16: The Acid Violet Token — Samurai Road
Ffr token 016.png
Clue This is seriously a beginner level token. I plan to reduce my inbox full of complaints on how difficult the tokens have been. If you token noobs are reading this, enjoy this token because the next one is going to be so difficult you will go crying to your mamma.

I would also like to attention whore the hell out this moment and say that I have the stomach flu tonight.

Lets get you started.
Solution Hint given: "Addition is the key."

First of all, follow this link as directed by the hint/Synthlight.

A hidden message!

Then, scroll down into the empty space below the commonly viewed business finance information; if you are using Internet Explorer with the Active-X auto-disable update installed, simply move the cursor around and you'll notice a box. For everyone else, refer to the image. Move your cursor on top of each of the messages to make them stay visible; they revert back to nothing if either the animation doesn't finish, or after it has finished and while it is paused you put the cursor back onto it. If you can't read it, it says,




Scroll to the bottom to find the hidden goodies.

The correct url is this. This new url will take you to a page that looks very similar, with two exceptions. First, note that there is no flash object on the page, and second that you can scroll down quite far. Eventually you'll see the blue turn to grey, and hidden in the bottom left corner is the token.

#17: The Neon Aqua Token — Forza Azzuri
Ffr token 017.png
Clue Who said it isn't out? [OP]
Solution [17]
#18: The Tan Token — Vertex BETA vrofl
Solution Token 18 is only unlocked via:
  • Placing in the top 8 of a division in an Official FFR Tournament
  • Attaining 50 billion GT overall
  • Getting 1 billion GT in one day
  • Winning it in certain spon cons

It was also given as a prize to those who managed to get 1 billion points on their daily grand total score during the Gamewhoring Competition on May 24, 2008.

#19: The Neon Blue Token — Ride Out
Ffr token 019.png
Clue ught it was about time we let all of you play with another FFR Token. Again, it’s a rather easy one. The answer will be right in front of your face and like I said, easy. We will work you into a more difficult token in a few days. Seriously, this token is so easy that if I say any more, 100% of the people will get it. Just check it out and like I said, the answer is right in front of your face. +

Click here to look for token 19
Solution Look at bottom of this link's page for token 19. [19]
#20: The Neon Green Token — Bike Thief (Tubeway Remix)
Ffr token 020.png
Clue Ok, now that you guys have had a taste of token 20 (evil aren’t I?), the location has been set and the race is off. It’s in a profile, that is all we know.

Have fun.
Solution It is located at miss2spd's profile underneath their profile views, votes, and referred users information. [20]
#21: The Neon Lime Token — Kagami
Ffr token 021.png
Clue Today we kick it off with a token so difficult that you will want to going crying to your mommy. Clues? You want clues? I wouldn’t call this a clue but I would call it pointing you in the right direction, if you can call it that. The whale turns swiftly during the night in the cold waters. [OP]
Solution [21]
#22: The Neon Magenta Token — Sunny Starry Carnival
Ffr token 022.png
Clue P.S. On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, token #22 is hiding somewhere.

(This entry was posted on Saturday, July 7th, 2007 at 10:01 pm and is filed under Flash Flash Revolution, Tokens).
Solution On the FFR Regional Ranking page, click the title for the region in which you are registered to get the token. This only works if you register the region in your profile.
#23: The Neon Pink Token — Kakke Ecko
Ffr token 023.png
Clue We have released a hidden token.. You may be able to find this token on this site at some point. Me as a person would not classify it as trivial either.. period.

Good luck! Remember, no user clues or giving away it’s location anywhere on FFR.
Solution On MeTrivia, scroll down until you see v2.0.0. Click the first dot in v2.0.0, in this case, the one between 2 and 0. You don't have to log in, all you have to do is go to the game, click the dot, and you get it. [23]
#24: The Strawberry Token — Strawberry
Ffr token 024.png
Ffr token 24 clue.gif

One of these folks is not like the others:
stretchy Jewpin Guido FishFish Squeek LD

And one has a webpage.
Solution Go to LightDarkness' profile. Click on the link to his homepage (located above where his statistics are listed): lightdarkness.net. You'll come to a blank page with a picture of a Goober jelly/peanut butter jar. Click it to receive the token. [24]
#25: The Angry Face Token — Gaussian Blur
Ffr token 025.png
Ffr token 25 clue1.jpg
Ffr token 25 clue2.jpg
Ffr token 25 clue3.jpg
Ffr token 25 clue4.jpg
Ffr token 25 clue5.jpg
Solve those clues, and you should get a 37-digit number. Put that number into this URL:
And the token is yours. Whenever we find more of these super-secret mystery tokens, we’ll let you know. They’re not easy to find.
Chardish, Tasselfoot, and Quaint & Curious Volumes of Forgotten Lore
Solution The number to put in is "2395479797979395932337351533351533351". In other words, the link is: this. [25]
#26: The Neon Red Token — Ice Candy Pop
Ffr token 026.png
Clue Search for the signal of the radio breaker.

By the time you are done, you’ll be a gizmo maker.

Now go my darling, be a token taker!
Solution Located under the Angels and Airwaves widget you'll see the string, "Total Widget Game Plays:", just under that is the token. You can find the widget (and the token link) by clicking this link.
#27: The Neon Yellow Token — Field of Snow [Standard]
Ffr token 027.png
Clue Unknown. [OP]
Solution [27]
#28: The Turkey Token — Rocking Ass
Ffr token 028.png
Clue Listen up you bloated turkey eating fools. At some point today there will be a new token released. Clues will follow. Leave no link unturned.


*EDIT* - Haven’t found anything yet? It’s not difficult, just go back like in the old days and visit an admin’s profile.

*EDIT by Tass* - Since most people have said Synth’s clue is too vague, I’ll provide you with my suggested hint: “Visit the ghost of tokens past.” Hopefully between Synth’s clue and my hint, you’ll be able to piece it together.
Solution Visit an earlier token page, for example, the 25th token, Gaussian Blur. Click on the first appearance of Chardish's name, and that should give you Rocking Ass. [28]
#29: The Rubix Token — Sicilian Sun
Ffr token 029.png
Clue Check out my new level! It has all you need.

Remember, sometimes searching for the answer is only half the battle — you need to do a little unpacking to get to the real answer within. Put your answer into this URL (replace X with your answer):

Solution [29]
#30: Purple FFR Token — Orchestral Angels
Ffr token 030.png
Solution Get 1 billion Grand Total Score, then check levelrank.php.
#31: Teal FFR Token — Happy Rainbow
Ffr token 031.png
Solution Get under 1000 Average Rank, then check levelrank.php.
#32: Green FFR Token — Quickdraw
Ffr token 032.png
Solution Full Combo at least 50% of the public songs in-game (note: all percentages are rounded down), then check levelrank.php.
#33: Orange FFR Token — Slow Motion (Wipeout Pure Xtra)
Ffr token 033.png
Solution Reach a Multiplayer Rank of 10+, then check levelrank.php.
#34: Blue FFR Token — Here We Go
Ffr token 034.png
Solution Full Combo at least 95% of the public songs in-game, then check levelrank.php.

Recommended songs to ignore (because of the need to mash, trill or jack very fast):

Alternatively, you could lack FCs on the secret songs requiring the highest credit counts.

#35: Red FFR Token — PianoCore
Ffr token 035.png
Solution Get a positive score on every public song then check levelrank.php.
#36: Old Support Token #1 — Dendrite v2
Ffr token 036.png
Solution Attain 500 million grand total score in one day.
#37: Old Support Token #2 — Tell v3 (Extended Mix)
Ffr token 037.png
Solution Attain the exact same score (over 1 million) 10 times in a row in one day.
#38: Old Support Token #3 — Coactive (Over My Shoulder Mix)
Ffr token 038.png
Solution Attain 50 unique AAAs in one day on songs with a difficulty of 12 or higher on the 99-level difficulty scale. You must save screenshots or replays of all AAAs acquired in order to be awarded the token.
#39: Event Token #1 — FREEDOM DiVE
Solution Event token.
#40: You Gotta B-E-E-R!
Ffr token 040.png
Solution Get positive scores on all four BEER songs then check levelrank.php.
#41: Will You Marry Me — Miles Away
Solution Special token for Jae (nois-or-e) and Katie (musical_vampire) for their engagement. Note: this token has been removed from the official token list; there is no #41 anymore.
#42: Event Token #2 — The Wises Were Wrong
Ffr token 042.png
Solution Event token.
#43: Korean Madness
Ffr token 043.png
Clue The song title is Korean Madness. What? You want a hint? You already got a good one. Now go east and find it!
Solution Go to the regional rankings and click "Asia" from there you scroll down and see a half image of the Korean Madness token and you click on it and it then shows on your profile. [43]
#44: World End's Yama Xanadu
Ffr token 044.png
Clue Find the user who knows about the world's end. On its profile, post on the comment wall this phrase: "End of the world?"
Solution Go to this profile and post this exact quote without the quotation marks, "End of the world?"
#45: The Games We Played (Full Edition)
Ffr token 045.png
Solution Full Combo The Games We Played, Parts 1 through 5, then check levelrank.php.
#46: Fractured Sunshine
Ffr token 046.png
Solution Tournament token. Get top 16 in any FFR official tournament.
#47: Unconnected.
Ffr token 047.png
Solution D7 exclusive token.
#48: Event Token #3 — Touhou Judgment in the Sixtieth Year
Ffr token 048.png
Clue ~it is a mystery~
Solution Event token.
#49: Event Token #4 — The Bridgeport Run
Ffr token 049.png
Clue ~another mystery~
Solution Event token.
#50: Event Token #5 — Bedtime Story
Ffr token 050.png
Clue ~seriously i don't even know how to get these yet~
Solution Event token.
#51: Silver FFR Token — Game Genie
Ffr token 005.png
Solution AAA at least 50% of the public songs in-game, then check levelrank.php.

Skill Tokens[]

What happens when you unlock a Skill Token

FFR Skill Token

Real tokens from PrawnSkunk's FFR Idol Token Extravaganza contest

Skill tokens require different skills to unlock. Skill tokens mostly require PA (Perfect Accuracy) to unlock and there are also anti-skill tokens where you have to pull off an odd requirement to unlock the song (for example, play Excite Bike with 2 perfects, 4 goods, 6 averages, 8 misses, 10 boos, and 12 max combo to unlock 0MGWTFT0K3N). Also there are Skill tokens that require the player to unlock other Skill tokens (for example, unlock Skill tokens 1-99 to unlock Token Whore) to unlock them.

These are descriptions and requirements of skill tokens.[4][3][2]

Token Description Released
Skill token 001.png
#1: Spontaneous Hydroxide v2
AAA Spontaneous Hydroxide
Mar. 23, 2007
Skill token 002.png
#2: Dazzling Destiny
FC Dazzling Soul
Mar. 25, 2007
Skill token 003.png
#3: Hellbeat v2
200+ combo & 10 or less misses/boos on Hellbeat v1.
Mar. 14, 2007
Skill token 004.png
#4: IDOL (Danpa with Posing Guys ver) Mar. 25, 2007
Skill token 005.png
#5: First Try Mar. 26, 2007
Skill token 006.png
#6: UNknown Girl
Get 40 or more credits on any 1 song.
Note: To get this easily try FCing Bicycle Break, Eternal Nightmare [Heavy], Song For The Nihonjins, MAX Forever or Synful Sub.
Mar. 26, 2007
Skill token 007.png
#7: Gaussian Blur 2 Mar. 29, 2007
Skill token 008.png
#8: BB Revenge
Pass BB Evolution with more misses than boos.
Apr. 06, 2007
Skill token 009.png
#9: Spinning With You
Pass Burnout with fewer than 50 perfects.
Apr. 10, 2007
Skill token 010.png
#10: Manhattan Sapphire
Get a BlackFlag (1 good FC) on Life Goes On.
Note: One approach is to get a single good at the beginning of the song, and AAA everything afterwards.
May 02, 2007
Skill token 011.png
#11: V1
Get 435 or more perfects and 2 or fewer misses on Beethoven Virus.
May 09, 2007
Skill token 012.png
#12: Destiny v2
Get 313 perfects, 0 goods, 0 averages, 299 misses, and 0 boos on Destiny.
May 09, 2007
Skill token 013.png
#13: Emotions v2
Get 400+ perfects, 20+ goods, and 20+ averages on Emotions.
June 29, 2007
Skill token 014.png
#14: Calm (Short 'n' Slow Mix)
Get at least as many goods as misses on I Can See The Light.
June 29, 2007
Skill token 015.png
#15: Tribal Style June 29, 2007
Skill token 016.png
#16: Battle Ax
FC esc (super version) with 2 goods or less.
June 29, 2007
Skill token 017.png
#17: So Long to the Circus
Hit at least 200 notes before failing Victims and Martyrs.
June 30, 2007
Skill token 018.png
#18: Lift Up
Get at least 340 perfects on 8-Bit Day Dreamer.
Note: there are 372 notes in this song, so you need 32 goods equivalent or less.
June 30, 2007
Skill token 019.png
#19: Zephon
FC Takecore of Yourself with exactly 9 goods.
Note: One approach is to set your auto fail for 10 perfects and attempt to get all 9 of your goods in the beginning of the song. Keep a mental record of how many goods you hit so you can assure yourself when you actually have 9 goods, and then AAA the rest. Try to get 2 goods on doubles to speed up the process and lowering the chances accidentally hitting an average and killing your chances of getting the token. Be PATIENT, and don't blow it by getting a 10th good later on in the song.
June 30, 2007
Skill token 020.png
#20: Ninjitsu
Pass Snowflakes with more goods than perfects.
Note: You could hit all arrows early with sound off, or scroll down and have the arrow hit area out of your view and hit the arrows when they approach the receptors.
June 30, 2007
Skill token 021.png
#21: P8107
Pass K8107 with more misses than averages & more boos than goods.
Note: If you are a more advanced player, one could hit two doubles for the intro and then miss the next two notes, and AAA the rest of the song to get this. Otherwise, be accurate and try to let go of the keys when you can't read a section. After the song comes to an end, quad hold your life bar down as much as you can without failing in case you hit some goods in areas.
July 02, 2007
Skill token 022.png
#22: R3 (Omega Mix) July 02, 2007
Skill token 023.png
#23: Exotica
Get 200+ averages on Zodiac.
Note: Same rule for this as with the other hit non-perfect tokens, scroll down past the arrow hit area, and hit arrows as they approach the receptors (slightly further down than if it were for goods). You can adjust it until you hit averages as a default...OR you can try your luck with hitting the same arrow way before it comes to the hit window for averages AND boos. There are 583 notes in Zodiac, if you boo for averages when the arrows come, chances are you will get over 200 averages.
July 02, 2007
Skill token 024.png
#24: Syage
Get a combo of 600 or higher on Piano Etude (Demon Fire).
July 02, 2007
Skill token 025.png
#25: Judgment Days
Get the same number of goods, averages, misses, and boos (above 0) on Samurai Road.
Strategy: definitely attempt this at the beginning of the song (1 perfect, 1 good, 1 average, 1 miss, and 1 boo) where the first two notes are a good and an average, the next one is a perfect and a boo hit at the same time, and get a miss after that (with the auto-fail being set to one miss). This may take a little time, be patient.
July 03, 2007
Skill token 026.png
#26: Crow Song
Get at least 20 more averages than goods & at least 150 more perfects than goods on Noir Remixed.
Strategy: Try to get a crap load of averages at the beginning of the song (aim for like 50, should average you out to around 30 averages - 20 goods) and then try to AAA the remainder of the song. If you think you don't have over 20, spam more averages...there are 554 notes to work with!!
July 03, 2007
Skill token 027.png
#27: Liquid Moon
Get at least 300 misses & 10 or fewer boos on Tension.
Strategy: 980 notes to work with...hit perfects until your life bar is full, miss until it reaches almost 0, fill it again, drop it, fill it...you get the picture.
July 03, 2007
Skill token 028.png
#28: Angelic Layer
Get at least 250 averages on Sepia.
Note: See the strategy for Zodiac on #23: Exotica. It's the same thing with more averages.
July 03, 2007
Skill token 029.png
#29: All of the World
FC R3 (Omega Mix) with at least 650 perfects.
Note: 689 notes to work with, so just get a 39 good equivalent or less.
July 04, 2007
Skill token 030.png
#30: {Midnight}
FC {Rose} with 3 goods or less (and 0 averages & boos).
July 04, 2007
Skill token 031.png
#31: party 4u "holy nite mix" v3
Get more boos than misses than averages than goods than perfects on party 4u "holy nite mix" v2.
Strategy: Have fun with this one...set your auto-fail to 5 misses, 2 perfects, 3 goods, and 5 averages. Quad hold twice before the first note, then hit the first double with a perfect and a miss, hit second double as both goods, third and fourth one as both averages, miss the next two doubles (giving you a 1-2-4-5-8). You'll be failed and get the nice token after much raging.
July 05, 2007
Skill token 032.png
#32: Starman
FC SuperMario 8bit Eighties Remix with at least 160 goods & 10 or fewer perfects + averages.
Strategy: You can set your good and average count to both 10 (in case you hit something like 8 perfects and 2 averages) and play through the song a few times. Get a hang of hitting the arrows off (which might feel more on sync because the arrows are LATE usually) and then keep trying for goods until you finally get the token. No real serious game plan here...try for goods...and hope for some good luck coming your way.
July 05, 2007
Skill token 033.png
#33: Nippon Zenkoku GABA Ondo
Pass Pretty Green Onions with under 1000 perfects.
July 05, 2007
Skill token 034.png
#34: Frozen Bond
Pass "Improvisation et Chien" with the same number of averages, boos, and misses (above 2).
Note: hit (X-2-2-2), (X-3-3-3), etc. The beginning is easy enough to hit two averages, then obviously miss two arrows and hit a double boo. AAA the rest and you have yourself a new skill token!
July 05, 2007
Skill token 035.png
#35: EternuS Mar. 29, 2007
Skill token 036.png
#36: The Pylons Are TRAP BALLS
Get either 1 good or an AAA on All of the World.
July 12, 2007
Skill token 037.png
#37: Heavy Danger July 13, 2007
Skill token 038.png
#38: What-ever
Pass "Delirium" with a 400+ combo.
July 13, 2007
Skill token 039.png
#39: {Satori} v2
Pass {Satori} with fewer than 5 boos, and 0 averages.
Note: If you can't do this right, don't be afraid to miss a CRAP LOAD of notes to unlock the token.
July 14, 2007
Skill token 040.png
#40: lolharp5000
Pass Lawn Wake IV with the number of boos, misses, and averages all being within 5 of each other.
Note: Best bet is to get good enough to SDG it, and then get the token.
July 14, 2007
Skill token 041.png
#41: Dawn
FC The Pylons Are TRAP BALLS with 546+ perfects.
'Note: This is essentially a 4g equivalent or less.
July 15, 2007
Skill token 042.png
#42: Color of Giggles
Pass Vertex Beta with a combo greater than 5x the number of goods, averages, misses, and boos combined.
Strategy: There are 1755 notes in Vertex Beta, meaning you cannot have combined stats over 351, assuming a full combo.
July 15, 2007
Skill token 043.png
#43: Dance to Moroder
Pass From Mount Chorus with 15 or fewer averages.
July 15, 2007
Skill token 044.png
#44: Angel Stays On This Ground
Get exactly 243 perfects with 0 goods, averages, misses, or boos on Water Like Pudding.
Strategy: set auto-fail to 243 perfects, AAA until you fail.
July 16, 2007
Skill token 045.png
FC Brightone with 9 or fewer goods.
July 17, 2007
Skill token 046.png
#46: ~Absolute Zero~
Get a total score of 0 on Fahrenheit while hitting only 1 arrow.
Strategy: go to the Settings menu and changing the autofail for miss to 5. When you begin, press only one of the two directions in the first chord and get a perfect (100 points). After five misses occur you will have 0 points and the song will end.
July 17, 2007
Skill token 047.png
#47: Otaku Speedvibe [Heavy]
AAA a song in the difficulty range of 50-57.
July 18, 2007
#48: Otaku Speedvibe [Oni]
AAA a song in the difficulty range of 66-78.
July 18, 2007
Skill token 049.png
#49: Three Ring Nightfall July 18, 2007
Skill token 050.png
#50: Clash at the Mountains
FC Dawn with 788+ perfects.
Strategy: There are 793 notes in the song, so pass with a 5g equivalent or less.
July 19, 2007