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Chocolate Wheelchair.png
Song information
Album The Chocolate Wheelchair Album
Musician Venetian Snares
Released October 20th, 2003[1][2][3]
Genre Drum'n Bass Extreme
File information
Level number 604
Step artist Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Release date October 19th, 2007
Song length 2:42
Difficulty 66
Notecount 1 to 17
NPS 1277
BPM 200[4]
Category Misc
Epidermis v2
File information
Level number 2115
Step artist mi40
Release date November 28th, 2013
Song length 4:36
Difficulty 89
Notecount 3684
NPS 1 to 25
BPM 200[4]
Category Skill Token
Epidermis v3
File information
Level number 3083
Step artist EzExZeRo7497
Release date March 7th, 2021
Song length 3:57
Difficulty 94
Notecount 2840
NPS 1 to 22
BPM 200[4]
Category Misc

Epidermis is a song by Venetian Snares. It uses samples from Siouxsie & The Banshees' Skin and Drexciya's Triangular Hydrogen Strain.[5] Epidermis v2 was used in the 6th round for D7 in the 9th Official FFR Tournament.