DossarLX ODI
Birth name Roy[1]
AKA Dossar
BPM guy
Mr. Molto Boy
Zebulon Hollus
Born July 14th, 1994
Chelmsford, MA, United States
Website(s) FFR300  FFR Profile
Youtube360  Youtube

DossarLX ODI is a FFR player that made himself known in the StepMania community for his ability to deal with jacks.

In October 2014, he was officially given the role of a game manager.[2] He has also long been responsible for frame-fixing some of the more difficult files.

In February 2016, he became part of the Development Team.[3]

In-Game FilesEdit


Date Tournament Division Result
October-December 2013 9th Official FFR Tournament D7 1st place


FFR Forum AwardsEdit

Year Category Result
2011 Most Interesting Critical Thinking Discussion 1st
Favorite Poster 2nd
Most Talented 2nd
Hall of Fame 3rd
2012 User Most Likely to Leave Soon 1st
FFR Gamewhore 2nd
Most Helpful Poster 3rd
Biggest Postwhore 3rd
2013 Next Mod 2nd
2014 Most Helpful Poster 3rd
2015 Best Overall Poster 1st
Most Underrated Poster 1st
Most Helpful Poster 2nd
Smartest Poster 2nd
Hall of Fame 2nd


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