From ON, Canada
Joined April 2004
Website(s) FFR300  FFR Profile

devonin is a Global Moderator (October 2004–?, June 2016–present) and former Administrator. He joined the site in April of 2004, and quickly became an active member of the forum community. He was made the local moderator of the Critical Thinking sub forum in October of 2004, and a Super Moderator early in 2005. He additionally served as a member of the chat moderation team. After the site outage, he rejoined the community as an Administrator but still with a focus on the forum and community.

Upon his first retirement from the administration team, he was awarded the freshly created user status "FFR Legend," which was shortly thereafter given to a number of previous retired admins and highly notable players. This status was later renamed to "Retired Staff." He returned to the Global Moderators team in June 2016.


Date Tournament Division Result
July-September 2012 7th Official FFR Tournament D2 86th place
October-December 2013 9th Official FFR Tournament D2 84th place


FFR Forum AwardsEdit

Year Category Result
2008 Most Helpful User 1st
Best Moderator 1st
Best Overall Poster 1st
Smartest Poster 1st
Most Interesting Poster 1st
2011 Smartest Poster 2nd
2013 Smartest Poster 1st
Most Interesting Critical Thinking Discussion 3rd
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