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There are plenty of titles which users may have on the site. A user may be a member of multiple groups at once, which will all be displayed under the username of a given forum poster, and some titles also display on FFR profiles. Here is a list of user groups and the respective color that they represent. Current and previous staff members are also included in this page.



Anyone brandishing this title or color is a staff member who has sitewide power, and generally help add new features or fix site issues. They also of course have all the powers of a moderator, so they may take action on forum issues as is necessary.


Game Managers[]

Game manager.png

Someone with this title heads several tasks for FFR the Game, such as converting and uploading files for the community to play. A Game Manager can also be heavily involved with organizing FFR file batches, or coordinating large events (such as official tournaments).

Global Moderators[]

Global moderator.png

Users with this title are staff members who manage the forums, profiles and profile chat. They are the ones who enforce the global site rules, and help keep order.

Retired Staff[]

Retired staff.png

This title signifies that a user was at one time a staff member for FFR, with a significant influence on the community in some way, but are currently no longer holding this position. They do not hold any staff responsibilities, and as such should not be contacted for any help regarding site issues.


Forum Moderators[]

Forum moderator.png

Users with this title are staff members who exclusively moderate the FFR community forums, and help enforce site-wide rules.

Profile Moderators[]

Profile moderator.png

A person who has this title is a staff member who manages over FFR profiles, ensuring they are not against the FFR sitewide rules and/or is a moderator of the FFR Profile Chat box. They help enforce the site rules within the chat, keeping everything running smoothly. Profile mods also have access to a plethora of special chat features, which may be triggered from time to time.

Sectional Moderators[]

Sectional moderator.png

This usergroup encompasses all members of staff who only focus on a specific sub-forum(s). Local Moderators only hold the ability to moderate threads in their sectional area.

Community Staff[]



A member of staff with limited administrative access to develop site and/or game features, tools and resources.

Event Staff[]

Event staff.png

A person with this title helps create and manage official FFR events. These events may contain prizes such as large sums of credits, or special event tokens.

Simfile Judgement Staff[]

Simfile judge.png

Users with this title are experienced in regards to stepping files, and have been chosen to review files submitted for FFR. They are the ones who do the batch reviews, and deem content worthy of entry.

Simfile Difficulty Consultants[]

Difficulty consultant.png

Anyone with this title is a person who playtests, and rates in terms of difficulty, files to be on FFR.

Wiki Staff[]

Wiki contributor.png

Someone with this title is a cornerstone contributor for the Flash Flash Revolution wiki. They are responsible for the planning, implementing, and editing of the ever growing list of pages which document site events, contents, and mechanics.

Content Creators & Player Status[]

FFR Simfile Authors[]

Ffr simfile author.png

Anyone with this title has not only created a file for FFR, but has had it accepted by the FFR batch judges, and released in the game for public play.

FFR Music Producers[]

Ffr music producer.png

Someone with this title has given FFR permission to use their song(s) in game, and has officially had a song of theirs enter the roster. In order for a song to get in game, a stepfile artist must make a chart of it, which has to then be accepted by a series of FFR batch judges.

D7 Elite Keysmasher[]

D7 elite keysmasher.png

A member with this title has risen through the division ranks, and has been placed within the 7th division of an official FFR tournament. If a user has this title available to them, they are among the highest skilled players ever to grace FFR with their keysmashing.

D8 Godly Keysmasher[]

A member with this title has risen through the division ranks, and has been placed within the 8th division of an official FFR tournament. If a user has this title available to them, they are among the highest skilled players ever to grace FFR with their keysmashing.

FFR Veterans[]

Ffr veteran.png

This title is currently awarded to players who have been on the site for an extended period, and have obtained a decent amount of grand total score.


Current staff is listed first in alphabetical order and retired staff is at the bottom.

Member Titles Additional Tasks/Positions
A2P Sectional Moderator The Garbage Bin
arcnmx Administrator
Technical Advisor
badman7772 Event Staff
bmah Administrator
Game Manager
Simfile Judge
Batch and File Manager
Moderator Manager
CarrotCake94 Event Staff
choof Simfile Judge
Cold Kitten Event Staff
Crazyjayde FFR Wiki Staff
DarkManticoreX2 Sectional Moderator The Garbage Bin
The Werewolf Game
DarkZtar Simfile Judge
DossarLX ODI Game Manager
Simfile Judge
File Management
emerald000 Developer Programmer
EzExZeRo7497 Sectional Moderator
Difficulty Consultant
FFR Wiki Staff
Brag Board
Contested Chart Difficulties
Fission Simfile Judge
foxfire667 Developer
Event Staff
Event Coordinator
Frank Munoz Event Staff
gameboy42690 Simfile Judge
Gradiant Simfile Judge
Hakulyte Difficulty Consultant
hi19hi19 Developer
Simfile Judge
User Experience Designer
ilikexd Simfile Judge
jimerax Administrator
Game Manager
Simfile Judge
Kagome Profile Moderator
Sectional Moderator
Chit Chat
FFR General Talk
kjwkjw Simfile Judge
kommisar Simfile Judge
llyair FFR Wiki Staff
lurker Simfile Judge
moches Sectional Moderator
Event Staff
Netjet! FFR Wiki Staff
Niala Simfile Judge
noname219 FFR Wiki Staff Usergroup Manager
One Winged Angel Game Manager
Global Moderator
Difficulty Consultant
File Management
Difficulty Consulting
PrawnSkunk Administrator
Event Staff
psychoangel691 Game Manager
Event Staff
Simfile Judge
Razor Profile Moderator
Simfile Judge
Profile Moderator
Video Chat Moderator
Reach Sectional Moderator Health and Fitness
Reincarnate Sectional Moderator Health and Fitness
reuben_tate Sectional Moderator Other Forum Games
rushyrulz Event Staff
SCWolf Sectional Moderator Sports Subforum
Silvuh Game Manager
Simfile Judge
Batch/File Management
User Interface Artist
Sky Kitten Administrator
Forum Moderator
Global Moderator
Community Manager
Spenner Sectional Moderator Art and Graphics
Sprite- Administrator Community Manager
Global Moderator
_.Spitfire._ Global Moderator
Simfile Judge
Staiain Sectional Moderator Stepmania Subforum
stavie33 Sectional Moderator
Difficulty Consultant
Contested Chart Difficulties
Synthlight Administrator Website Founder
System Administrator
TC_Halogen Event Staff
Simfile Judge
T-Force Sectional Moderator Sports Subforum
Trumpet63 Developer Statistics and Data
Wayward Vagabond Simfile Judge
YoshL Event Staff
Simfile Judge
Zageron Administrator
Radio Admin
87x Retired Staff
aperson Retired Staff
chardish Retired Staff
devonin Retired Staff
HammyMcSquirrel Retired Staff
JasonKey Retired Staff
lightdarkness Retired Staff
MalDON Retired Staff
nestlekwik Retired Staff
nois-or-e Retired Staff
NSane Retired Staff
Shashakiro Retired Staff
Summerschool Retired Staff
Tasselfoot Retired Staff
Velocity Retired Staff
Xelius Retired Staff

As of September 2015 [2][3][4]


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