Tournaments in Flash Flash Revolution come in all shapes and sizing. Ranging from small team tournaments, to wide scale offical tournaments. This article will cover terminology commonly used in tournaments, every official tournament, several unofficial tournaments, tournament styles, and grading systems (Along with the advantages and disadvantages they bring).


Many of the Terms defined here are mainly used in official/elimination style tournaments.

In the Green:Being completely safe from possible elimination by AAAing the song.

In the White/Safe Zone:Being safe from elimination but have not AAA'd the rounds song. So there is a chance of falling below the elimination line.

In the Yellow: Being under the safe zone. Being in this position means you will be eliminated if you do not improve your score. Common ways to express being in the yellow "Being in the pee pee water", "The Danger Zone", or "Improve or die"

In the Red: Having been eliminated from the tournament.

Sand Bagging: A term used to accuse players of hiding their true ability in the hopes of being placed in lower divisions.


Example of AAA or Die

AAA or Die: A occurrence where the song in question has been AAA'd so much so that the white "Safe Zone" ceases to exist (such occurrences can even shrink the yellow zone). This means the only way to proceed to the next round is to AAA the song. This is more common with higher level divisions.

Official TournamentsEdit

As of October 2014, There have been a total of 10 Official Tournaments. See: Official Tournaments.

Unofficial TournamentsEdit

Also known as User Tournaments.

Tournament TypesEdit


Elimination tournaments are the most common type of tournaments, along with cumulative scoring tournaments. It is a round based tournament style in which articipants are given a set time (usually 7 days) to achieve their best possible score on their respective song. Those who are below the elimination line are removed from the tournament, and the remaining proceed to the next round/song.

Cumulative ScoringEdit

Cumulative Scoring tournaments are the most common type of tournaments, along with elimination tournaments. It is a round based tournament type in which participants are given a set time (usually 7 days) to achieve their best possible score on their respective song. Unlike elimination, the elimination line does not exist and instead participants are given points based on how well they played the song and are not eliminated if they are low (or even last) until the end.


Participants go head-to-head against one other player, the winner advances the loser is eliminated. This is usually used in multiplayer tournaments and was used in the first and second official tournaments.

Ladder SystemEdit

Players can opt to be in the ladder and everyone starts at the bottom, they can challenge those who are placed higher to advance and can set credit "bounties" on other players. Unlike other tournaments there is no true "end" to this.

Grading SystemsEdit

Main article: Scoring System

Combo Scoring Edit

Combo Scoring is heavily based on the maximum combo achieved by a player. Some of the advantages of combo scoring (although it is a scoring system that is frowned upon) is that it is very forgiving for players who have issues with over hitting patterns and those who experience minor lag issue that hinder the players ability to consistently hit perfects. However, there are very evident disadvantages which leaves total scoring relatively unused and that is it promotes sloppy play. Someone who has difficultly on a particular part of a song can intentionally Quad Mash to combo the part rather than cleanly play it.

Raw Scoring Edit

Raw Scoring takes the raw accuracy of a score, rather than the maximum combo of the score itself. Raw scoring is forgiving to players who can play through songs with very good accuracy but could not land a full combo. This is widely used because it shows well a player can play a song rather than how long they can combo it. There are not many downsides to this grading style, since it promotes clean play over sloppy plays. People who rely on combo scoring to win matches will have to clean up their play style (which overall is an improvement).

A good thread to look at to see how both scores are calculated can be found Here.

Also, a useful tool to calculate them (which is from the thread previously linked) can be found Here.

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