Flashcore, also known as glitchcore, cybercore or abstractcore is an avant-garde electronic style characterized by complex transcompositional rhythmic structures and extratone beat sequences (often exceeding 1000 bpm) combined with harsh, densely textured "acousmatic" and "hyperdelic" digital soundscapes. These aspects, among others (such as favouring new sounds over drum emulation in order to create beats), render Flashcore undanceable and highly distinct among the genres it grew out of, such as breakcore, speedcore, and the overall DJ culture. As stated by La Peste in the "Flashcore Manifesto", the aim of Flashcore is to act directly on the brain by utilizing new audio software technologies to control and manipulate sonic particles at the atomic level, creating fractal-like layers of abstract "nano-audio explosions" that are said to induce transcendent states and other psychological responses in the listener. These states have been compared to the meditative nature of dubstep and the effects of hallucinogenic drugs. Flashcore's main proponents include the aforementioned La Peste, UndaCova/Atomhead, Sedarka, Neurocore and Kaebin Yield. Many Flashcore artists profess an affinity for modern classical composition techniques, an influence that is evident in their technical sound designs, use of acousmatic decomposition, timbre experimentation, and conceptual physical/mental approach.[1]


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