FFR categories, more commonly named Genres, are subdivisions that are used to group files having the same characteristics (usually for being relatively similar in style). Over the years, categories that represent a specific genre have broadened to a point that their usage has been questioned.


Dance-able genres of electronic music (techno, house, trance, hardcore, drum and bass, dubstep, etc.) and some pop files can be found in this category.

Dance 2Edit

Complementary to the Dance category. It was added due to the size of the original Dance category.


Most funk files can be found here. Contains most of the jazz files and some regional music subgenres (bossa nova, ska or samba).


Genres of music that are close to the video game industry : nearly all video game music and chiptune.


Most of the rock files (metal, punk rock, alternative rock, pop rock, hard rock, etc.) can be found here.


Classical and piano files can be found in this category as well as some ambient and easy listening.


Any other type of music that isn't classifiable in the other categories. Most notably, it contains non-danceable forms of electronic music (idm, breakcore, some drum and bass, speedcore and some hardcore) as well as experimental music, ambient, glitch and some jazz, industrial, pop and regional music. It's a mess.


Main article : Secret (FFR Category)

Files that can be unlocked with a sufficent amount of credits. Unlike files in the Purchased category, files can be lost


Main article : Purchased (FFR Category)

Files that can be purchased through the FFR Shop. A file that is purchased cannot be lost, contrary to the Secret category.


Main article : Token

Files that can be unlocked by finding hidden tokens through the website, career achievement tokens, event tokens, etc.


Hip hop files. Some r&b files are also included in this category.

Skill TokenEdit

Main article : Skill Token

Files that can be unlocked by meeting a particular challenge on a specific file.


Older files that are recognizable for using blue notes only (Blue Note Syndrome).


Main article : Disabled

A variety of files that were removed for many different reasons. The majority of files from this category were part of widgets. This category is not accessible.

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