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Crunk or krunk is a style of hip hop music that originated by Three 6 Mafia in the early 1990s and gained mainstream success around 2003–04. Performers of crunk music are sometimes referred to as "crunksters". Crunk is often up-tempo signifies one of Southern hip hop's more club oriented sub genres. An archetypal crunk track most frequently uses a drum machine rhythm, heavy bassline, and shouting vocals, often in a call and response manner. The term "crunk" is also used as a blanket term to denote any style of Southern hip hop, a side effect of the genre's breakthrough to the mainstream. The word derives from a slang past-tense form, "crunk", of the verb "to crank" (as in the phrase "crank up"), but has also been popularly assumed to mean "crazy drunk", after association with Crunk Juice, a brand of strong alcoholic beverage associated with the music genre. Also, getting hyped or excited.

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