Brutal death metal is an overarching style of death metal with a few separate sub-styles within it. Overall, though, the music can be defined wholly as death metal with the extremity factor turned up in multiple ways. Triggered blastbeats, grindcore influences and chunky, fast riffing characterize a good number of bands playing brutal death metal, but there are some bands, as early as Suffocation who emphasize "slam" riffs which are often featured in breakdowns. This type of riff is often noted as being almost purely rhythmic, syncopated with the drumming or general pattern of the song and muted for maximum heaviness, though these elements don't control the majority of the music like in slam death metal. Bands playing brutal death metal are often known to write shorter songs, emphasizing how much damage can be done in a brief period of time, though some also write longer, complex songs with a multitude of different, often slow, breakdowns and compositional techniques.[1]


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