In order for Flash Flash Revolution to gain the popularity it has today, it needed music. An incredible amount of musicians has given FFR members to step their music to Flash Flash Revolution. In return, musicians received recognition from the FFR player base. For Flash Flash Revolution members to gain approval for using their songs in the game however, must ask for artist permissions. There are three types of permissions :

  • Blanket Permissions : Players may use any music recorded and produced by that musician. There is no special treatment concerning these permissions.
  • Limited Permissions : Players must look into the specifications that the musician had given concerning the use of his music in the game. Those restrictions can include: a selection of songs that can be included in the game, a link their homepage when a song is released to the public or to be notified when one of his/her/their tracks are released in the game.
  • Label Permissions : Permissions given by a label, group or company. Those permissions often have different limitations, therefore, it is important for players to look into the specifications before including musicicians from the label into the game.

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