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Birth name Ronald Jay Blumenthal
AKA Ron Thal
Born September 25, 1969
New York, NY, United States
Member of Guns N' Roses
Genres Alternative Rock
Hard Rock
Experimental Rock
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In-game songs[]


  • Hands (1998)
  • Uncool (2000)
  • 9.11 (2001)
  • Forgotten Anthology (2003)
  • Normal (2005)
  • Abnormal (2008)
  • Barefoot: The Acoustic EP (2008)


Screenshot of Bumblefoot permission.

Limited artist permission was obtained by Xtreme2252 on June 2014.[1]

The reply is as follows : Thank you for reaching out :) Were there certain songs you wanted to use? (Just so I know it's songs that I have permission to give permission for, lol...) [first screenshot, not pictured]

I'm the label & publisher, I 100% own the master recordings and all the publishing. :) Which songs are you thinkin'...?

Whichever songs you want :)