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Brilliant Dynamite Neon
AKA Vale
Joined December 2006
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Brilliant Dynamite Neon, now preferring the name Kaiveran, is a simfile author who got started making charts for Flash Flash Revolution. They varied wildly in quality at first but eventually got better and earned him quite a bit of attention. Unfortunately, he sometimes used other files as a base to get started and wasn't quite cognizant of the IP boundaries of simfiles, resulting in a scandal in which parts of his files were considered plagiarized and that resulted in him being banned from simfile authoring indefinitely.

He was forgiven at some point pre-crash and resumed sporadic production until the site went offline. He stepped a variety of music, but was mostly known for the style and difficulty of his IDM/breakcore files, which at the time were novel and exciting. He also had some limited activity in SM packs and standalone files.

Came back post-crash, but could never quite get back into it, and as of February 2016 is essentially retired from FFR.

Possibly the furriest fluff that ever fluffed.

Thanks to Staiain's showing at AGDQ, Kai's passion was rekindled and he wishes to use the new palette of tools in SM5 and beyond to see their potential. His current efforts are focused on Solo Keyboard charts and some super-secret hardware design stuff. He also wishes to branch into little-used game modes such as Ez2 & para modes.

Vale is the artist alias of Brilliant Dynamite Neon.

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