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Formed 2004
Melbourne, Australia
Members George Kosmas
Shaun Sykes
John Richardson
Steven Merry
Jimmy Vanden Broeck
Label Kolony Records
Genres Melodic Death Metal
Progressive Metal
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Be'lakor is an Australian melodic death metal formed in 2004. The name Be'lakor comes from a demon of the tabletop game Warhammer.[1]


  • The Frail Tide (2007)
  • Stone's Reach (2009)
  • Of Breath and Bone (2012)
  • Vessels (2016)


Screenshot of Be'lakor permission.

Blanket artist permission was obtained by noname219 in August 2013.[2]

The reply is as follows :

Thanks for getting in touch. Provided it all remains free-to-play, we're more than happy for you to use our music.