1st Official FFR Tournament
Host(s) Tasselfoot and Shashakiro
Rounds 6 to 8
Divisions 3
Started September 11th, 2006
Ended November 15th, 2006
Participants 192
Scoring Type Combo
Succeeded by 2nd Official FFR Tournament

A round two Bracket in the First Official Tournament

This was one of four tournaments that predated the Tournament Dashboard and relied on players manually uploading a picture of their scores. This tournament also had a maximum number of 192 participants in a total of 3 Divisions (Expert, Advanced, Beginner). This tournament actually had cash prize pool for $250(USD) split between the three victors of each division. Due to its limited number of spots, it was full 12 hours after its announcement. Leaving many who attempted to sign up out. This tournament used the Bracket system but instead of versing their opponents in real-time. Players submitted their best score and they were matched against one another. This consisted of 7 weeks and 6 to 8 rounds.

Results and Statistics Edit

Division Participants Prize Winner
Beginner (D1) 128 $70 HansSky
Advanced (D2) 48 $80 Akorn
Expert (D3) 16 $100 Bahamut-X

Rounds Edit

Main RoundsEdit

Round Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
1 Euphoria (Antinomie) Stalled Out And Sushi Bars Uber Rave v2
2 Terror From Beyond FFR Evolution Hungarian Dance #7
3 La Luna Caida Domani Gradeus
4 100 Bar Blackout Go Go Go Power Rangers Nova Pulser
5 Halogen Playdoh HELLBEAT
6 X-Dreamer Final Cut Wish (For FFR) Flight of the Bumblebee
7 Thinking Different KlungKung 2004 Caprice
8 N/A N/A Revolutionary Etude

Tiebreaker Rounds Edit

Round Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
1 Crystalis - House Leaves (Remix) Party 4u "holy nite mix" v2 Strangeprogram
2 Until the End Rondo Alla Turca Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star
3 Final Fantasy 7 Battle Chrono Trigger - Boss Theme AIM Anthem
4 The Last Firstborn Splash Beats Runny Mornings (SGX Mix)
5 Lethal Injection Turbulence Molto Vivace
6 Deep Breath For FFR Crowdpleaser
7 MAX Forever End Night N/A
8 N/A N/A N/A
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