Song information
Musician Chuk and Gek
Genre Eurotrance
Progressive Trance
File information
Level number 4
Step artist Synthlight
Release date October 23rd, 2002
Song length 2:54
Difficulty 10
Notecount 555
NPS 1 to 6
BPM 136[1]
Category Legacy

136.6 is an euro-trance style song created by Chuk and Gek. The song won an online electronic music contest in September 9, 2002.[2][3] Located in the Legacy Genre, it is a 10 in difficulty on the 1-99 scale and a 4 (Very Easy) in difficulty on the 1-20 scale.

The song and chart was submitted to FFR by Synthlight and was released to public for playing on October 23rd, 2002 as part of the first group of songs ever to make it onto Flash Flash Revolution. It contains a unique Get Ready intro screen like other Legacy songs and has a blue moon crescent animation gimmick. It also has blue note syndrome like many other Legacy songs, and is off-beat in sections due to early day conversions.

Tips & Tricks to TacklingEdit

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136.6 plays like many other Legacy songs that are also off-beat. The best way to deal with these songs is to double-check & focus on where exactly to hit the notes when they come up to the receptor area. Not all of the notes are on beat.

For this song, the majority of notes that are off-beat falls across long jacks that can somewhat test a player's patience as it is easy to mess up from the inconsistency in the notes to the music.

Keeping focus on the notes and where to hit them is essential, and focusing off of the background. With some practice, any player should be able to nail it as well as a majority of other off-sync songs.

Song ScreenshotsEdit


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