Birth name Akito Yoshikawa
AKA yoshikawa45
From Osaka, Japan
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Artist permission was obtained by Ghakimx in September 2009.[1] Ghakimx has added that he's not sure if we can do album songs.

The reply is as follows :

使用許可については、以下URLをご参照ください。(日本語 です)
上記内容を満たせていれば、ご自由に使用していただいて大 丈夫です。

Which translates to :

Regarding permission, please refer to the site (Japanese) below. ( If you can meet the terms in the site, you can freely use my songs. It's not a problem even if you use them for commercial purpose.

Blanket permission was later given for all their stuff (Archive, CDs, BMS) under CC 2.1 as confirmed by Coolboyrulez0 in October 2019.[2]

discography 使用許可等はcreative commons 表示 2.1をご覧下さい

For permission to use discography, see creative commons display 2.1 [editorial note : need to give credit]


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